Feeling listless

Feeling listless? Then make a list!!!

When I am feeling low, unmotivated or perhaps have a difficult situation to navigate, I find that writing things down, specifically in the form of a list really works. Lists are a great way of helping to visualize the positives and give us something solid to aim for.

So, depending on the situation a list heading could be:

What is good in my life?

What am I thankful for?

Positive v negative

What do I enjoy?

My reasons for – (weight loss, looking for a new job, being in a relationship, etc)

What are my future aims and what steps do I need to take to get there?

Or just

what do I need to get done today?

Liberating our thoughts from our (in my case) somewhat overloaded, stressed-out brains makes a problem become much more clear and easier to tackle.

Also ticking things off as you go, as you complete a task or work out a problem will give you a nice little glow of achievement to boot! Go you! 🙂

The very definition of Listless is

(of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm.

So it makes sense if you are listless to make yourself a list, declutter your mind and get your head back into a positive space.

Last week I purchased myself a whiteboard, nice and cheap at under a fiver and does the trick!  It is now hanging in the kitchen.

On this, I write myself motivational comments and positives. I see it often as I am in the kitchen a lot, (there seems to be an inordinate amount of washing in this house for me and one small girl!) and it really does help. Occasionally I will wipe something off and replace it with a thought more relevant to the day in question.

 My most recent scribble being just ‘ Be your best self’. Yeah, I know, cheesy and clique huh! But I tell you what, it works!

The whiteboard is also great for lots of other reasons, personally, I have been recording my weekly weight loss on it, using it to calculate calories consumed and have also stuck a rather unattractive fat face picture of me doing my best ( unintentional) hamster impression, this is for fitness motivation and I do wish I could remember to take it down when I have guests over, “sigh” ( there’s one on the fridge too to stop me snaffling the Childs choccy snacks late at night) It’s working so far!

Whether you use a whiteboard, laptop or notepad and pen the point is making a simple list really works. Oh and spider diagrams are rather good too!

If you would like a whiteboard, you can get one in Wilkinson’s for around £4.99. Amazon and eBay also have a good inexpensive selection.

Let’s List, tackle and tick!

Dolly x

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