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Here at Tra$h we just LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage fashion and we are particulary passionate about colourful, vibrant, funky and unique clothing and accessories that make people want to smile!

We are advocates of maximalist fashion and dopamine dressing which means dressing for happiness💖 We painstakinlgy search high and low for the most amazing vintage pieces and it is super exciting and rewarding to be able to offer you – our customers, amazing one of a kind and rare vintage items that will make you squee with delight and do a happy dance! 😁💗

All of our FABULOUS clothes are 100% original vintage mainly from the 1960s through to y2k. This means that not only are they are great quality, sustainable, eco friendly and not ‘fast fashion’ but also that you are very unlikley to ever show up at a party or event and find someone wearing the same outfit as you – oh the horror!😂 Its a win win!

So for now please do enjoy having a look through this candy shop of colourful vintage delights that Tra$h has to offer and feel free to email us with any questions using the contact button provided at the top of the home page.

We list new items weekly and for first upload peeks and chance to buy please follow our instagram @totallyretroandsuperhot and for vouchers, givaways, competitions and more please subscribe to our mailing list using the VIP button also on the home page.

Happy browsing!😊

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