Maximalist Fashion: Dressing for your own happiness.

A group of woman wearing Maximalist vintage fashion

Apparently I’m a maximalist , well a closet maximalist being that most of my most sparkly, bold and gorgeous peices of (the majority vintage) clothing are still in my wardrobe waiting to see the light of day. – This is because I keep buying lots of pretty items of vintage atire that I can’t resist … Read more

Why Sustainable fashion is the future!

sustainable vintage fashion guide

Get the lowdown on sustainable vintage fashion and why it’s essential for our planet and your wallet. Learn how to make thoughtful purchases, pay attention to materials, and find vintage clothing online to help you get started. There is no doubt about it – sustainable fashion is the future. While fast fashion has been on … Read more

Beating the lockdown blues

young woman in 80s work out clothes, leg warmers and headband - vintage fitness motivation kit - Retro Dolly

Just one more wafer-thin mint, I groaned to myself plunging my hand once again into the already diminished box of after eight chocolates.  It was April 26th and I was feeling very much like Mr. Creosote of Monty Python fame, perhaps without the moustache. When lockdown began in March, I was like all of us … Read more